• EternaTile Launches
    Monday, February 16, 2015 – SAN DIEGO, CA
    EternaTile, a Florida-based roofing product innovator, today launched the world’s first closed cell foam composite roofing system at RESNET 2015 and announced its first line of ultra-light, insulated roofing tiles that dramatically enhance energy efficiency compared to any/all other roofing products, saving billions in utility fees every year for EternaTile's end user. 
  • “Eternatile is the most advanced roofing system in the world. Our product is molded from eco-friendly structural foam and surfaced with a proprietary geo-composite coating. This molding technology makes EternaTile extremely lightweight with superior R-value and super quick installation on virtually any sloped roof area. The EternaTile system can withstand sustained winds of over 250 mph and will not crack when impacted by Class-3 hail projectiles. They are not just the only foam tile to ever pass ASTM E108 testing, but did so with a class-A fire rating solving a 30-year long industry challenge. That's truly extraordinary”, said CEO Mr. Robert Carmen.
  • "The EternaTile system has the ability to integrate solar modules directly into the molded tiles, without compromising the water-tight building envelope while dramatically increasing the overall insulation value of the structure" added Mr. Carmen. "As a lifelong roofing and building contractor, I'm privy to the advantages and shortcomings of all traditional roofing and building products. I designed EternaTile from the installer's perspective knowing that if my or anyone's crew members wouldn't prefer it over conventional and widely used applications, it would never leave the shelf no matter how well EternaTile benefited the buyer, their family, and the structure."

    World's only true integrated solar modules.
    EternaTile establishes unmatched performance standards.
    The EternaTile Sales Team
    John Herock - Chosen Cheng - Sy Richardson - Robert Carmen